Famous Last Words

"I can do that, just watch" is an (unintentional) lie I've told quite a few times. I said it in third grade before jumping off the top of a jungle gym to prove I wasn't a "girly girl" (and ended up getting carried off the playground on a stretcher), I said it before climbing an … Continue reading Famous Last Words


Time Flies When You’re on a Deadline (Week 7 Update)

What does two weeks worth of work look like when you do it in less than four days? Click here to find out!

Success is hanging on by your fingertips

Most of us go through our lives envisioning milestones. Some of are padded with the security of knowing they'll (most likely) happen, like getting a driver's license or finishing school. Those moments, while important, often prove anticlimactic. And then there are the real milestones, the moments we dream about that finally meet our expectations the … Continue reading Success is hanging on by your fingertips

Update: Weeks 5 – Who even knows at this point

When I started this project, there were a lot of things I assumed my mom would eventually say to me about it. While things like "I just don't think it's safe" and "Where are you going to go to the bathroom?!" were expected, "You really should update your blog" definitely wasn't. If my mom, whose … Continue reading Update: Weeks 5 – Who even knows at this point

Week Four Update

Today's seemingly uneventful update is brought to you by: Amazon. At least, that's where all of the appliances I bought this week came from. These included: A portable toilet A propane water heater An rv refrigerator A propane oven/stove The questions I get most often about my project involve my ability to do things like … Continue reading Week Four Update