Time Flies When You’re on a Deadline (Week 7 Update)

In true daughter fashion, I rolled my eyes and grumbled in unhappy disbelief when my dad assured me that progress would seem to speed up once we began more of the actual building progress.

In true father fashion, he was (of course) right.

During the past couple of weeks, the marathon journey of completing this project has seemed to go in sprints with major tasks, like getting the walls put in and the bed frame built, happening in the course of two-day increments.

I’ll spare you some of the sawdust-filled details, but here’s a run down of the current status of the van:

It actually looks like a living space (kind of)

Walls: In

Bedframe: Built

Ceiling: Up

Kitchen: Fireproofed

Hangboard: Hanging

Family: Amazing


In these last few weeks, my friends and family have shown me astounding levels of support. I started my fall semester of graduate school last week, and numerous people have offered me places to stay in Nashville when I have to be in town for class.

I spent last week with my grandparents and utilized their woodworking equipment to finish some of the things listed above.  My dad drove three hours to meet me and spent two days working on the van until after 1 am so we could get the ceiling and masonry boards installed in time for me to drop the van off to have. My grandad helped me cut wood into usable pieces, and my grandmother helped me sew magnetic curtains from my windows

.IMG_5067.JPG            img_5073.jpg

I returned home Wednesday to drop the van off to have propane, plumbing and the ventilation fan installed at the local RV shop, and I should have it back in about two weeks. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the remaining parts for the solar array to arrive and hoping that my dad and I can get some cabinetry built.

It was an exciting, stressful few days of trying to cover as much ground as we could before we had to drop it off, and I’m really proud of our progress. The next step will (hopefully) be getting the solar set up so that I can finally move in.



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