Update: Weeks 5 – Who even knows at this point

When I started this project, there were a lot of things I assumed my mom would eventually say to me about it. While things like “I just don’t think it’s safe” and “Where are you going to go to the bathroom?!” were expected, “You really should update your blog” definitely wasn’t.

If my mom, whose exposure to blogging has been limited to that one time we watched a Jenna Marbles video together, can recognize I haven’t been posting a lot, that must mean I have really been slacking.

So, here’s the short update: not much has changed, and I have little to physically show for the work that has been done. As I’ve already lamented previously, it’s hard to find the motivation to keep writing updates that essentially say that I haven’t done a lot, but that somehow that’s been stressful. I’m a week away from my original deadline, and the van is no where near done. I started with an estimated budget of about $6,000 dollars for renovations. I’ve spent over $10,000.

Granted, the increase in cost was largely due to consciously deciding to make the van into a true tiny home by adding in propane, plumbing and a shower. While I don’t regret that decision, it has added to the cost and timeline.

Currently, we are waiting for parts to come in before the propane and plumbing installation can take place. The same goes for the solar array.

In the meantime, putting up the walls, finishing the ceiling and building furniture are big priorities. Unfortunately, those are areas of the project I greatly overestimated my skill set for. While I might have been able to fulfil the construction needs of my original van plan, the end result would have been a not-so-pretty platform with a bed topper on it and a duffle bag of clothes shoved underneath it.

My amazing dad making up for my lack of building skills

So, in raising my expectations for the project, I became discouraged by my own inability to meet them. Thankfully, my dad has been amazingly supportive in dedicating his already limited free time to helping me, and I can’t express my gratitude enough for that.

All of this boils down to the reoccurring theme of this project:
Everything takes more time, money and skills than you expect it to.

That’s probably true of most big projects, but then again I wouldn’t know.


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