Week 2 & 3 Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances and a general lack of events to write an update about, I delayed writing a Week 2 Update and instead lumped it with the week 3 update.

After several days of being out of town for class, I returned eager to keep working on the van. I also returned to find that the reflectix was falling off the ceiling, that the cargo partition I ordered was bent and missing parts for installation, and that two weeks of rainstorms were on the horizon.

As these unfortunate circumstances would imply, I haven’t accomplished as much as I had hoped, but here’s a run down of what progress was made:


1) A layer of reflectix was put down on the floor and the insulated floor mat was reinstalled


2) The top portion of the cargo partition was installed (with some help from self-tapping sheet metal screws)

3) The studs for the wall were installed on one side of the van

4) The support structure for the floor was assembled and insulation added


5) Chalk Block got official plates

6) The ceiling was partially insulated

7) I got to spend time with my Dad, who dedicated most of his limited free time to helping me with this



An ongoing struggle of this project has been feeling like I’m not making enough progress. Part of why I write these updates is to reflect on the progress that has been made. If you look at it one piece at a time, it feels like nothing is getting done, but it can be reassuring to look at the sum of those pieces.

As always, you can find more updates on Instagram.


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